In a fossilized yet timeless look , CBC Vancouver produced this for their show “Camera West”.  Apparently much of the footage was taken lazily by a camera stuck out the window of a moving car, and far too much screen time is spent leering at women.  Very 1966.

But most fossilized of all is the repeated assertion in the sententious voice-over that the West End was home to “. . . the new mid-century hybrid — the swinger”.  My guess is that the writer may have been influenced by a trashy movie called “the Swinger“, released in 1966, in which an author writes a steamy sex novel, and then acts out its fantasies (orgies of voluptuous carnality). If not, then perhaps a related definition of this thoroughly obsolete term is enough.

And yes, there are bicycles.

See the 9:33 length video excerpt HERE.