Pride activities begin with the opening at a significant new public space in the heart of the Davie Village:



Indeed, Jim Deva Plaza will create a heart for the Davie Village by permanently closing half the south block of Bute Street, providing a flexible multi-use space:

IMG_8355 (Large)

The crosswalks on Davie have also been refreshed (hey, a square rainbow!):

IMG_8345 (Large)

But as Thomas Donovan notes in Facebook, this wasn’t the first time or place for the rainbow:

City Hall stairs

The concept of municipal governments painting rainbow colours on city property to show political support for the GLBTQ Community, was first demonstrated by Vancouver the day before Canada legalized same-sex marriage in July 2005!

Regardless of how the federal government decision turned out, the City wanted the world to know that Vancouver completely supported the GLBTQ community, and displayed that support with it’s rainbow coloured stairway at city hall.

I am so proud to have been the Pride Event Producer who came up with the concept of painting the steps. I pulled together a team of community volunteers and we painted the giant staircase leading up to city hall the very afternoon before Vancouver’s annual Pride Launch event, which by no coincidence was the day Canada legalized same sex marriage.

Wikipedia says the first rainbow crosswalk was in West Hollywood in 2012.

The Sun documents the first Canadian crosswalk on Davie in 2013.