Regular PT commenter Jeff Leigh (also Chair of HUB Cycling’s Vancouver Local Committee) writes in the DailyHive with HUB’s reaction to the Commercial Drive Business Society’s (CDBS) view of bike lanes proposed for the Drive.

No surprise that the CDBS position of Carmageddon (or is that Bizmageddon) has attracted this rebuttal. CDBS apparently thinks that the Drive is unique, and so there must be no interference with car access to it.  But experience in Vancouver and elsewhere is the opposite — in that encouraging peds, bikes and transit creates a payoff for local businesses.  Not to mention people.

Many people are currently unwilling to cycle on the Drive due to high levels of traffic but the City has a chance to change this. Introducing bike lanes will not lead to the “bike highway” that Mr. Pogor described, but create a safe route that would act as a catalyst for increased trade and give people of all ages and abilities access to one of the city’s most popular areas.

The Drive is an area famed for its history, vibrancy, and diverse culture, we cannot let the outdated and insular views of a few prevent it evolving into a space for all.


Shops more often and spends more


Thanks to the Commercial Drive BIA for the image