More opinion on the Massey Tunnel replacement project, involving a really expensive, really big bridge.  Dermod Travis writes in the Straight.


Here’s Mr. Travis’ reason #7 to hit “pause” on the project.  The reference to Bellringer concerns a planned audit “to evaluate the quality of evidence to support the decision to replace the George Massey Tunnel”.

7. Stakeholder buy-in

With Metro Vancouver mayors giving thumbs down to the project, there’s not much public buy-in for it.

It’s why Bellringer’s performance audit could prove invaluable. If the government’s numbers are all on the up and up, what could it possibly fear from taking a few months to let the auditor general do her thing and report back?

Now that would really debunk myths, if they are indeed myths.

Dermod Travis is the executive director of Integrity B.C.