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From Hair-Raising to Family-Friendly: How Calgary Built its Cycle-Track Network


May 24, 2016

1–2:30 pm PDT



Calgary, Alberta. Not the same ring as Davis, Portland, Vancouver or Copenhagen when it comes to bicycling infrastructure or culture, yet Calgary put itself on the map with its ambitious implementation of a network of cycle tracks in the downtown core in 2015. It took a dedicated team of city administrators, advocates, business representatives and city builders to implement this game-changing project and Ryan Martinson was fortunate to lead the technical program for the consulting team. In the course of two years, conditions for bicycle travel downtown went from hair-raising to family-friendly. Now, more trips than ever are being made by bicycle, and the city is generating excitement across North America for the possibilities associated with the rapid implementation of bicycle facilities.

Ryan will walk us through the challenges and opportunities his team faced throughout this project and their ‘team’ approach to the cycle network study and implementation. By providing lessons learned and special considerations for treatments, he hopes to share the possibilities that other cities have in fulfilling their bicycle-friendly aspirations.