From Scot:

Yaletown shop owner petitions City Council to have parking space in front of store removed for public space.

parklet 1This is the ambition of Chris White, owner of Nice Vice Creamery located in Yaletown.  I happened upon Nice Vice last month while wandering the neighbourhood.  When ordering, I noticed to my excitement a photo of a parklet on the counter with attached clipboard petitioning to remove the metered parking space in front and replace it with a place for the public to linger.

After inquiring with the staff, they summoned Chris from the back and I had a chance to meet the man who breaks the status quo when it comes to business owners’ obsession with ample car parking.  We shared our enthusiasm for cities; I passed on my notes from the recent Janette Sadik-Khan talk, along with some forwarded parklet design guidelines from San Francisco.  Chris was game!

The next step is to sell the idea to the neighbouring shop owners.  As expected, they still need convincing.  So let’s support Chris and Nice Vice Creamery and their vision for Yaletown’s first Parklet.  Visit the shop to sign the petition.


parklet 2