Greenpeace was founded in Vancouver, but they’ve been busy in London …

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From Greenpeace UK

“Lord Nelson famously said that desperate affairs require desperate measures. 40,000 lives are cut short [in the UK] by air pollution every year. This is a national health emergency and people need to know about it. That’s why activists scaled Nelson’s column and 14 other iconic statues.

The Prime Minister could take some simple steps to start cleaning up our air, like bringing in clean air zones into town and cities to stop the most heavily polluting vehicles. Please sign the petition calling on David Cameron to come up with a bold and steadfast action plan to clean our air now:

If these statues were people they’d be exposed to dangerous, toxic and even deadly air. Researchers from King’s College & University Of London, found a normal day’s exposure of London air can be the equivalent of smoking 15 cigarettes. [1]

We’re facing a health crisis with air pollution and need it to be on the top of the Prime Minister’s agenda. Can you add your voice to the growing movement of people calling for clean air now?

Please sign this petition: