Now that Vancouver has settled on a next generation new-tech bike-share supplier, Toronto has made big changes to theirs.  Plus a new transit-station orientation.

With a significant installed base of bikes and docks to consider, they have signed a 5-year deal with PBSC Urban Solutions to supply 1000 more bikes, 120 docking stations and replacement electronics at the existing 81 stations and 1500 individual bike docks.  This doubles Toronto’s system size.

The Ontario Provincial Gov’t provided $ 4.9 M to this expansion, through MetroLinx, the Transportation Authority. TD Bank has signed on for two years as a sponsor, kicking in ~ $ 1.3 M towards operating costs. Hello BC Gov’t??  Can you stop looking at that $ 4B bridge for a minute?  Hello Lululemon, Telus, HY Louie?  Is anyone out there?


Station Locations

Toronto’s bike-share people have learned a lot. The new station plan revolves around transit stations and commuters.  The old plan and its station locations were apparently more about tourists.

According to interviews by John Saunders in

“This is all new,” says Marie Casista, vice president of real estate, marketing, and development for the Toronto Parking Authority, which manages the bicycle sharing system. . . . .  Final locations for the bike stations have yet to be determined, but they will likely closely follow other infrastructure development. “There is a lot of demand for stations at or near transit hubs.” . . . .

. . .  Gian-Carlo Crivello, PBSC’s client relationship officer . . . . agrees with the need to follow the tracks (or the tires). “Five or six years ago, bike-sharing was seen as a stand-alone product. Now, cities and users start to understand that it has to be part of the whole transit system of a city,” he says.

PBSC Trivia

PBSC is supplier to several small and insignificant customers (<snort>):  London, Chicago, New York City, Montreal among others.  The company has continued to improve and change their bike offerings, with a lighter-weight “Fit” model and an electrically-powered pedal assist “Boost” now available.