Vancouver Co-Housing recently celebrated a move-in for their new development at 1729-1735 East 33rd Avenue rezoned from Single Family use to a Comprehensive Development by-law permitting 31 units on a 2 lot assembly (c.45 units/acre). The project was the subject of a lengthy review process and some debate but to their credit the owner-builders persevered. It’s an interesting project offering affordability (compact units, good design and shared amenities) and new types of community as a notable counterpoint to the more common demolition of single family dwellings and replacement with even larger homes in the close-in suburbs of our supply and affordability-hungry city.

Is there a collaborative way forward from here to refine some prototype designs so that subsequent projects can get started more quickly with less expense? It would also be great to do a follow-up study on the design, the approvals process, and post-occupancy interviews with residents and neighbours.



Quick Stats

  • 3 suburban lots (2,749 sm / 29,590 sf)
  • Dwellings: 31
  • Floor Space Ratio: 1.1 (Gross Floor Area/Site Size)
  • Built Area: 3,023 sm / 32,549 sf
  • Common Space: 20% of built area
  • Avg unit:  839 sf (exclusive of common area)
  • Max Height 10.7m (stepped)
  • Site Coverage: 55% max
  • Overall Density: 46 units/acre


Architect Charles Durrett’s Co-Housing Public Lecture – Nov 19, 2012

Urban Design Panel – Oct 24, 2012 (Non Support: 2-6)

Urban Design Panel – 5 Dec 2012 (Deferred)

Urban Design Panel – Jan  16, 2013 (Non Support: 4-6)

Rezoning Report – Jan 29, 2013

Courier Article – Feb 26, 2013
Vancouver co-housing complex draws concern: Cedar cottage co-housing seeking rezoning

Public Hearing – March 12, 2013

Bylaw Enactment CD-1 (564) – April 1, 2014

CBC Story – Owners Set to Move In Dec 28, 2015

Courier Story: March 10, 2016
Owners of Vancouver’s first co-housing complex move in: ‘Breaking bread’ together a key component of the co-housing philosophy

Courier Story: April 18, 2006 “Support for shared housing vital to Vancouver’s  future”

Site Plan

Site plan