Vancouver City Council will receive this report Wednesday April 20, in which staff recommend devoting this block to people by closing it to motor vehicles.

There is much discussion of the #5 bus route, but the conclusion is below:

City staff and our partners have assessed the transportation trade-offs for creating a
permanent plaza on this block and have concluded that they are manageable and are
consistent with Council approved direction to provide better quality streets for our highest priority mode of transportation: pedestrians. Therefore, staff recommend converting 800 Robson Street into a permanent pedestrian plaza to create a unique gathering space in the centre of downtown and will report back before the end of year.


Another item of note, among many:

City Transportation staff have also had many discussions with the Provincial Law Courts related to challenges with conflicts on the east side of Hornby Street, immediately south of Robson Street where the Law Courts underground parking exits on to northbound Hornby Street. The alignment of the two-way separated bike facility on the east side of Hornby Street can result in conflicts between people exiting the underground parking by vehicle and people travelling in either direction by bicycle, or by foot. Although this issue is not directly related to the decision of creating a permanent plaza on 800 Robson, the design exercise of creating a plaza will likely present opportunities to improve the intersection of Hornby and Robson Streets and reduce conflicts. These opportunities have not been previously available due to the seasonal nature of plaza.