Says Ian, on this article by Suzanne Moore in the Guardian:

What is Vancouver now but a place to stash Cash. I bet plenty of money siphoned through Panama, as shown by the Panama Papers leak, will now be parked in Vancouver. See also those who buy million dollar homes, while claiming no/little income, so as to not only pay no local tax, actually receive poverty assistance too (I wrote about that bit, but everyone got too caught up in Michael Geller’s tax avoidance to get fussed on everyone else’s).

Quote from the Guardian:

Making money is not a vice, but refusing to contribute tax is. 

” this wealth bubble is a private-members club because it is, by nature, profoundly antisocial. Tax-dodging, aversion or whatever polite term we use, is premised on the free movement of money. The social consequences of this, be it the movement of migrants or the closure of industries, is someone else’s problem.”