Here’s Dan Glaister in the Guardian (thanks for the tip, Ian) on one small town’s attempt to deal with housing prices that are out of reach for locals. In this case, it’s a very small town — St. Ives in Cornwall, UK, who think they have found a way to control “outsiders”.


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But like many idyllic spots, St Ives is facing the gradual decline of its community as local people are priced out of the property market by outsiders buying up second homes. With the situation approaching what many residents see as breaking point, they have decided to do something about it.

Next month St Ives will vote in a referendum to approve a neighbourhood plan. While the plan’s 108 pages cover a range of local matters, the eye-catching measure is to be found in section 3, point H2, under the heading “Full-Time Principal Residence Housing”.

If the plan is approved, there will be a legal requirement to ensure that all new housing in the area is for principal residence., with the owners’ status checked against the electoral roll and doctors’ registers. While out-of-towners will still be able to buy second-hand houses as second homes or holiday lets, all newly built property will be reserved exclusively for the locals.