Mike Klassen writes in the Vancouver Courier about the recent Janette Sadik-Khan event, highlighting Gordon Price, the future of transportation and streets in Vancouver — and, specifically, the Commercial Drive brouhaha now in full fulminating glory.

Consider what is coming to Vancouver: the re-imagining of the Arbutus Corridor, newly purchased by the city, the removal of the Georgia and Dunsmuir Viaducts and the new plan for northeast False Creek, the Broadway subway and the continuation of the Millennium Line Skytrain, establishing a bike share program, and major renovations to the Burrard Bridge just to start.

The city is also weighing the future of Robson Square as a public plaza. In addition, engineers are taking a hard look at Gastown’s future (will it become pedestrian-only?) while it figures out how to restore its weary cobblestone streets. Then there are the bike lanes, which bring out critics in droves.

Controversy has already erupted on the proposed bike lane on Commercial Drive, between East 14th and First Avenue. The local BIA, regrettably in my view, released the results of a survey slanted to garner a negative reaction.

A more dispassionate look at the Commercial Drive bike lane should have people jumping up and down with glee. By bringing millions of dollars of street improvements, that part of the Drive stands to win big by drawing more pedestrians, cyclists and shoppers.

Mr. Klassen closes with this:

When it comes to Vancouver’s transportation and its public realm, the status quo is simply not an option.