Here’s a nifty idea for making the Jericho Lands development an even greater long-term success than you are hoping.  Put money in the plan for a Broadway subway stop.  Wave the plan at the Feds, where you probably have decent connections.  Go transit-oriented.

Here’s the idea, pirated shamelessly.

At the 57th and Cambie property now under development, according to a CBC report:

A unique model for transit funding has been approved along the Canada Line in Vancouver.

The Onni Group —  a real estate development company — will be paying for a new stop at Cambie Street and 57th Avenue, according to Vancouver Coun. Geoff Meggs.

“The area will be significantly transformed as a result of investments that flow from this,” said Meggs Wednesday….

. . . .  Meggs says it’s unique for a developer to pay for a transit station, but highly beneficial for Onni in this case, as the entire development will become more desirable because of the new stop.