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OMG traffic cones are all the rage. The revolution has begun and it has bounced off Twitter onto our streets.

First, I recommend following AwarenessCone on Twitter. A silly Philadelphia-based account, it mocks the traffic cone’s responsibility to protect us from danger with overqualified cones placed in menial, dead end positions. Their bio sums it up well:

AwarenessCone: a cone placed at the site of damaged infrastructure; a cone marking construction; a cone forgotten. Be aware.


Awareness cone in Vancouver says: watch out for the fire hydrant! Photo by Jo Shin.

Two examples are better than one.

PT Awareness Art

Awareness: Art.

Secondly, The Man systemic car culture wants everyone outside who’s not in a car to be dressed in clothing with high visibility (hi-viz). We all know black is the most slimming colour. Drivers are jealous of our active lifestyles. They want us to look chubbier than those in vehicles. They also want to take no responsibility for hitting and killing us with their cars. Activist people on foot and on bike and on board refuse to wear reflectors or bright clothing day or night in protest. Active transportation moderates get mocked as sell outs for having reflective trim on any clothing.

Moschino, always known for its tongue-in-cheek, society mocking designs, has a new line out for Spring/Summer 2016 called Dangerous Couture featuring ridiculous, high fashion, hi-viz clothing and their version of street signs (including little Do Not Enter signs as earrings).


Moschino S/S2016: Dangerous Couture. Shoulder bag, leather $1195 USD. Dress cotton/poly/silk $1975 USD. Photo by Tanya Paz.

Which all leads me to the third trend for cones. People are using them to control their streets. Call them safety heroes or vigilantes, drivers don’t know if they are City-issued or not and are slowing down. These movements are cropping up in various cities. PDXTransformations in Portland, OR was separating cars from bike lanes with traffic cones recently. Now its members have put up (illegal) 20mph speed limit signs and are getting local media coverage for their antics. (The Portland Bureau of Transportation has said publicly removing the signs is not a high priority with limited resources.)

PT PDX cone safe bike lane

“Horrifying how many cars I watched drive in bike lane here in time it took me to set 2 cones back up”, says Bruce @LetTheCookieWin


We are not a “bike advocacy group.” We are a Transformation Action Group. We want our streets to serve everybody.

Our dream is that the people of Portland stand up to unsafe drivers and say ENOUGH. You can’t do that here anymore.

They are inspiring others.

PDX inspire others

“I can’t afford the big cones like @PBOTrans, so let’s see if this helps. #pdx #coning” Bruce @LetTheCookieWin

If these rogue antics were organized in your town, would you be tempted to make a request? Is there a dangerous spot near you? Have you reported it to the City?

Clearly cones are trending and improved safety for all on our streets can’t be far behind.