According to freedom of information access results the provincial government did a 180 on the Massey tunnel. In 2006 the tunnel allegedly was good for another 50 years, and now it has to be replaced, with a bridge. Yes commercial expansion along the wide Fraser River is relevant. It is utterly unclear why a twinning of the tunnel isn’t good enough, or perhaps an additional tunnel for a train connecting via Richmond to Cambie Canada Line, or perhaps a deeper wider tunnel instead of a new bridge.

Indeed the lack of consultation and discussion with MetroVan is odd. While much of the 2040 transportation plan needs revision in light of reality, certainly as tax payers, commuters and residents we’d expect more transparency and cooperation re massive $3B+ investments.

Back to the drawing board, or full steam ahead anyway, assuming of course a Liberal win in May 2017 ( not a given, of course ) ?