The 2040 transportation plan for Vancouver is here. A similar version is here.

The MetroVan plan for 2040 is here.

The latest amendments are here.

Given the enormous changes in single family house prices, and thus pressure to move further out if one wants a house and a yard, are these plans, especially the MetroVan 2040 plan, still solid – or do they need more amendments than shown ?

With the new SFPR (South Fraser Perimeter Road), the East-West highway to Abbotsford and the likely 10 lane Massey Bridge, is this 2040 Metrovan plan still solid ?

I’d say no, as the subway east out of downtown to get people out of cars onto RAPID transit is missing, for example. It would revitalize the blighted E-Van and spur high density and affordable housing along Hastings, and ease N-Shore traffic congestion if extended via Second Narrows to Lonsdale Quay and then to W-Van’s Park Royal, Ambleside and Dunadrave.

Given the disconnect between MetroVan planning and provincial planning – especially in light of the failed transit referendum last year – is the plan still solid, or does it need updating ?

Are these five MetroVan goals solid, or do they need change ?