An Item from Ian:

I was talking with Sam Sullivan at Michael Green’s party. And we were discussing how good things sometimes appear with such frequency on Price Tags that other good comment gets pushed down and disappears without having enough time at the top to have impact.

Sam was mentioning he has switched to a digest version, which I didn’t know WordPress could do. Which would provide a bit of ‘one stop shopping’ possibility. But I wonder if a bit of that would be good for the site as well?  It’s hard not to shuffle all the previous posts down to Neverland, especially as they sometimes come fast and furious.

Have you thought about a change of template? Maybe picking up some newspaper type formatting to allow multiple headlines above the fold?

I know just enough about websites to know this isn’t a trivial or easy endeavour, just wanting to pose the thought.


PT: It’s certainly time for Price Tags to be refreshed.  I’ve been using this format for several years, not to mention the title image.  (If anyone has a high-density horizontal image suitably Vancouver-ish, send it along or provide a link).

I’m not sure how one does a digest version of a WordPress blog.  (Explanation welcome.)

But especially, if anyone experienced in WordPress has a format they would recommend, I’d certainly welcome a change. 

Plus any other thoughts regular readers have that could improve readability.  Add to Comments.