From the Daily Scot:

Well, folks … that concludes my week-long look at the stuff that interests me in the world of urban design.  Thanks for your comments and for keeping the discussion going.  Whether we choose to agree or disagree, at the end of the day the goal is the same: better city building = happy residents.

Thank you, Gordon, for letting me command the switchboard while you’re on the mend.  God knows how you find the time to pump out as many insightful daily columns as you do.  Time is the enemy.

[And thanks to you, Scot, for a well-focused – and wonderfully illustrated – week of great examples and recommendations, especially from Auckland.  If any of that work was in North America, we’d all know about it.  Thanks to you, we now do.]

I’m grateful for all you do to keep Vancouver moving forward.  I’ll leave you with a video of San Francisco’s Market Street in 1906 days before the earthquake set to beats from a favourite chillout artist of mine, Quantic: