For what was meant to be a quick post to update Price Tags readers on my condition, “Entering the World of the Old” has had quite the circulation, including a Sun opinion piece, and not a little response.

One of the more intriguing comments just came in from architect David Simpson.  Worth passing along:


It was interesting to me to read your comments regarding being invisible to the young.

I have been working with a couple of Aboriginal non-profit groups in Nanaimo and have seen how the Youths look up to the Elders in that culture. In most of the meetings there is an Elder present to provide cultural guidance and wisdom, and in some way I seem also to be accepted by the younger people in the groups as someone who has experience to offer in spite of the cultural difference.

It has made me think differently about the place for “seniors” such as ourselves. We have spent a lot of effort creating homes for seniors that are designed to accommodate “old folks”.  Yet we don’t see ourselves as growing old because there is always someone older – so why should we be in an environment that reminds us of our age?