CITI Bike is New York City’s bike-share system, and the bikes get a lot of use.

As in 10,012,797 rides in 2015, up from 8,092,952 in 2014.


Success like this breeds growth.  It started in 2013 with around 6,000 bikes at 332 stations, and currently has ~7,500 bikes and 460 stations. By the end of 2017, Citi Bike will have around 12,000 bikes and 700 stations.  Geographic coverage will accordingly expand.


Success also breeds sponsorship.  Citibank has agreed to increase their sponsorship through 2024.

As to safety, here’s this from a press release issued by NYC Dep’t of Transportation in October, 2014 : “There have been no fatalities or serious injuries to Citi Bike riders in the nearly 14 million trips made on the system since its launch.”

Phrases that occur over and over in the press release and elsewhere, quoting local pols and neighbourhood leaders on the effect of Citi Bike are: “transportation alternative”, or “option”, or “public transit option”.   Health and wellness too:  “… said Council Member Robert E. Cornegy, Jr. ‘Cycling is healthy for individuals, for families and for communities & the more cyclists join the party, the safer we all become’.”

Vancouver’s bike share system still waits in the wings.  The mandatory helmet law is a huge impediment.  It increases startup and operating costs, while reducing potential ridership. As to sponsorship:  Hello Vancouver — anyone out there?