It’s clear the Liberal government doesn’t really care much about Metro Vancouver, the City in particular.  Even as their policies and strategies (always another referendum requirement) work against our long-term sustainability (but always more highway infrastructure), our Liberal MLAs have nothing substantive to say about the two most critical issues that affect us: transportation and housing.

But then, neither do the NDP.  Vaughn Palmer in The Sun quotes from their resolution book at last Friday’s convention:

NDP resWe need a party platform that is coherent, builds confidence, and is aimed at a broad voter base with a clear message,” declared the item put forward by the B.C. Federation of Labour and one of the Burnaby ridings.

Therefore be it resolved that: “The BC NDP will design a platform that has a clear vision for change, that resonates with British Columbians and will focus on ballot box issues like job creation, building a sustainable economy, delivering quality public services, ensuring fair labour laws, a commitment to work with both rural and urban municipalities on key issues like infrastructure, education, skills development and training, health care, and housing.” All this to be drafted and “market tested” before the election call, then coupled with a “concise communications strategy” grounded in “straightforward ideas that resonate with the voting public.”

Horgan 1Not even a mention of transit.  Their leader, John Horgan, in his attack on the Premier on Saturday, failed to frame the issue.  If anyone has anything to report on the vision the NDP has for this region, what alternative they would offer, what wasteful infrastructure they would oppose, please share.

Has the NDP taken an explicit stand against further referenda, proclaiming that, if elected, there will be no more of that?  Not that I’m aware of.  What about Andrew Weaver, Green, or Vicki Huntington, Independent?  The former stayed neutral on the ref; the latter effectively supports the Massey Bridge while critical of the process.

So with no one taking on the Liberals for their transportation strategy for Metro (‘Motordom by Default’), the issue stays muddled or unaddressed.  The commentators discuss strategy, not substance.  And any serious policy discussion about housing, if it involves affecting rising values or suggestions of racism, is avoided at all costs.

The vacuum is deafening.