Using “twinning tweets” to tell a story, consider here the path being followed by dear old Postmedia.  This definitively corporate conglomerate failed to be relevant during the recent Canadian federal election; hit the headlines over awful and public squabbling with one of its stellar staffers and today we have a summary of their financial performance.  And it matters because Postmedia controls most newspapers in Canada.

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With falling revenue driving a $54-million fourth-quarter loss at Canada’s largest newspaper chain, Postmedia Network Canada Corp. is keeping its focus on cost-cutting as it hunts for new avenues to make money.

How long will it take for the people at the top of Postmedia to wake up to the chasm between their beliefs and those of their potential customers in a changing Canada?  As people have been saying for quite some time now: “The old order changeth, and giveth way to the new”. The audience that is receptive to Postmedia’s narrow dogma is shrinking, and with it, their willingness to purchase access to those ideologically-driven messages. Perhaps the corporate bosses need to broaden their views and seek a variety of thought and opinion.



Clearly there is a lot going on in Postmedia’s business, but tech platform transition won’t help if the content has little relevance. Who cares about the medium if the message is irrelevant?  People have choices about sources, and the ability to recognise a monopoly and its abuse of power when they see one.

What I am seeing is the need for a culture change, in which monopolistic corporate influence is re-examined in the light of a changing world, of new priorities and of new influences. We all need help to keep track of and make sense of this world, and the old messages are not relevant any more, no matter how they are packaged.