A compilation from Tom Durning:


Good article on Canada’s housing needs – rabble.ca/why-canada-needs-real-housing-policy

This maybe nearer to the truth, though –theglobeandmail.housing-a-crucial-but-ignored-federal-election-issue

Let’s see what will be done –thestar.affordable-housing-a-crippling-crisis-with-an-obvious-solution

Horgan promises to ‘partner’ with municipalities. Little else.  theglobeandmail/bc-ndp-leader-vows-to-be-genuine-partner-with-cities

From the BC Non-profit Housing Association –  2015-federal-election-toolkits

The language of victimization, from the U.S.  The language and tactics will become more familiar in B.C. – citylab.victimhood-language-and-the-fight-against-affordable-housing

England at it again. Pity. The comments at the end give more of a perspective – theguardian.com/housing-associations-agree-right-to-buy-deal-with-government

Toronto is crisis – thestar.com/opinion/letters_to_the_editors/affordable-housing-situation-even-worse

Seattle facing similar problems – crosscut-burden-of-building-low-income-housing

This is a lot higher than I thought. Where would we be without secondary suites. I’m sure many of your remember the NIMBY battles around them. Not surprisingly, the City of Burnaby only ‘legalized’ them last year – biv.com/more-40-vancouver-house-owners-rent-out-parts-thei/