Great to see Global News cover the car-sharing conference:

Car sharing

According to the Carsharing Association, which is holding an international conference in Vancouver this week, the North American market is expected to grow tenfold in the next four years from 25,000 vehicles to 250,000.

“A tenfold increase seems like a lot, but there are 300 million privately-owned cars and if we can just get even the tiniest fraction to join car sharing, we’ll have that tenfold growth we’re looking for,” said Woodland.

The growth is, for the most part, being seen in larger cities where a growing number of people choose to take advantage of a variety of transportation options.

“Car sharing seems to me now more essential than ever,” said Gordon Price of SFU’s The City Program. “But it has to be integrated. It has to be one choice among many–car, transit, cycling, walking.”