It seems like the appropriate time to repost this from Unpublished Ottawa.   Yes, it’s a partisan gesture – but I’ve never gotten over the killing of the long-form census at the beginning of this government’s term.  I just didn’t realize at the time that it was part of a larger strategy.

This blog post written by Jean Dupuis, a Canadian scientific librarian, is a couple years old, but I thought I would share it with Canadians because of the incredibly long list of attacks on Canadian science that it documents.

This is a brief chronology of the current Conservative Canadian government’s long campaign to undermine evidence-based scientific, environmental and technical decision-making.

A long list of various environmental programs that the Harper government has discontinued or slashed funding to is here. I haven’t found individual media stories about all of them, so they aren’t in the list below.


Because it takes so much room, I’m posting the full list (though it only goes to Oct 2014) below the fold.  Click on “Read more”.

Update 2013.05.27: Undated list of science or environmental libraries closed is here: Natural Resources Canada is set to close six of fourteen libraries in 2012-2013, Parks Canada will consolidate 5 libraries into one, Transport, Infrastructure and Communities. Undated list of women’s programs cut since 2006, including many science or health-related, including: Assisted Human Reproduction Canada, Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health

This list is no doubt incomplete. There may also be link errors or duplications.

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