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Ray Spaxman received this from a contact:


There is a real estate listing today for 1070 Barclay Street:

West Enxd

(The full marketing brochure is downloadable under the “Documents” heading.)


The listing notes that with purchase of 1080 Barclay Street (north-east corner of Thurlow and Barclay), the site represents:

… an opportunity to develop one of Downtown Vancouver’s tallest residential buildings. Located near the southeast corner of Barclay Street and Thurlow Street, the property is ideally situated in the heart of the downtown peninsula. The 8,646 SF site falls within the West End Community Plan, which allows for the development of a residential tower up to 550 feet in height (if assembled with neighbouring property at 1080 Barclay Street – also available for sale).

Under “Features” the listing notes:

Achievable density upwards of 24.0 FSR with allowable 7,500 SF floorplates. 25% social housing requirement.

We have never seen FSRs of anything close to 24 for residential development – the Brenhill development in Yaletown was at 17.2 FSR.  And because of the bizarre way the City has redefined “Social Housing” this really means that one-third of this space is truly social housing (or just over 8%) and the rest can be market rental.

Be interesting to see the shadowing impacts on Nelson Park for this project.  And god help the people that currently live within this block and the development proposed for this site, and the two other gigantic towers fronting on Nelson Street in the same block.