Simon 2We were meant to meet Simon Sondergaard.  When we were lost and looking confused, he (typical Copenhagener) came over to graciously give us directions.  Turns out he was the managing director of Cykelven (English interview here) – “a socio economic company than brings a fully equipped bike repair shop on wheels to your office and repair your bike while you work.”

He’s also involved in Buddha Bikes, a bike shop that recincarnates old bikes that would otherwise be thrown out, kind of like Vancouver’s “Our Community Bikes” on Main.

So here’s Simon’s comment on why he loves Copenhagen:

Having lived in Copenhagen for a decade+, the bike culture really got under my skin. And it is about much more than the many cool, beautiful and practical facilities and infrastructural items being present. The culture of taking the bike in Copenhagen, is really a question of social attitudes and a lot about emancipation. We are all free and equal on the bikelane – more so than in most other situations.

And I would dare claim, that this has a profound impact on copenhageners attitude toward one another and the city they have in common, as well as being a reproducing product of a well-known danish attitude towards values of social equality, democracy etc.