Ken Ohrn:

Burrard’s counter, registering 832,060 rides.  I often overhear passersby on foot and on bikes when they look at the counter — and sometimes they say naughty things when the total registers with them.  Like “Holy sh*t”, accompanied by laughter.  Milder and common reactions are “Look at that — eight hundred thousand!” “Wow, that’s a lot of bike rides”.  And so on. It’s getting a very powerful and positive message out there, one person at a time.

I guess that we see several cycling tribes in the photo:  one flashy and colourful MAMIL, two fit-for-distance riders and two everyday utilitarian riders (one quite stylish). To my eye, they all look relaxed and confident, and my opinion is that the infrastructure has a lot to do with that. Here’s hoping that the intersection design at Burrard and Pacific will be as wonderfully effective as at Burrard and Cornwall.  I have every expectation that it will be so.


Ohrn Tribes