From Agustin: “It’s not too often I get to say this. Check out how the headline that a Calgary AM radio station gave to the story that a new separated bike lane opened today on one of the city’s main car arteries into downtown.”


Caqlgary clip

It’s a whole new experience for bikers heading into the core.

The first leg of the cycle track is open for business ahead of schedule.

The barricades have been removed along 12th Avenue between 11th Street southwest and 3rd Street Southeast.

The new lanes were getting smiles and cheers from cyclists Tuesday morning.

Roy bikes to work everyday, and tells 660News, having a dedicated lane will come in handy.

“A lot of traffic and it gets really tough,” he said. “So, this will be easier for sure.”

Liam drove down 12th Avenue in a car, and said he wasn’t too bothered by the new kind of traffic.

“Taking up a lot of space,” he said. “But, if I rode a bike, I’m sure I’d like it.”

The city has put safety information signs in place to help people get through intersections safety.

There were also bike ambassadors handing out information cards to cyclists as they went past.