From KIRO TV:

New apartments could offer transit passes instead of parking


In a presentation to the city council on Tuesday, the Department of Planning and Development outlined a recommendation to require developers of new projects in neighborhoods with good transit to provide residents with a pass and membership in a car and bike sharing services.

The city has been dialing back parking requirements for apartments in the area around downtown since the 1980s.

Across the city, about 2,400 units are in projects with no parking at all. …



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City officials say the idea of promoting ways to build apartments without parking is to make room for the denser development needed to accommodate the expected 120,000 new residents of Seattle in the next twenty years.

“We don’t have enough roadway space for all of the vehicles if everyone was going to be expected to drive a car,” said Bryan Stevens of DPD.

Stevens said in micro housing projects, less than thirty percent of tenants own vehicles.

Stevens said building parking spaces, often underground, can cost developers $20,000 to $50,000 per space, a cost that is passed on to tenants.

“This could certainly help with affordability,” Stevens said.

The city is also looking at ways to encourage the sharing of underused parking spaces.