By a large margin – two-thirds of the 50 or so who voted:




It was submitted by ‘Downtown Charles’ – Charles Gauthier of the Downtown Vancouver BIA.  So I assume he’ll accept a Mink chocolate bar on behalf of Better Transit & Transportation.  Call, Charles, and we’ll go choose.

Interestingly, this was the only poster that did not have a mode of transportation (save feet) as the dominant image.  Confirming what Stephen Quinn said in his Globe column: “Show me why I should vote Yes for the transit tax.”

For the Yes side, this campaign, such as it is, has been all head and no heart. My head is sore from all the numbers, and my heart remains ice-cold.

Unfortunately, the Mayors’ Council campaign still hasn’t got the message.  Here’s an excerpt of the kind of thing they’ve been sending out:




No chocolate bar for them.