Chris and Melissa Bruntlett’s latest in VanCity Buzz.  Let’s start with No. 1:


1. “Riding a bicycle is far too dangerous.”



First, let’s tackle the most common barrier: safety. While riding on streets can mean sharing space with large, fast-moving vehicles, under the right conditions, cycling can actually be incredibly safe and enjoyable. If it weren’t, we wouldn’t do so daily with our two children. In fact, riding a bike is often safer than walking ((Trip-by-trip and km-by-km, there are more pedestrian fatalities in BC than cycling ones).

We cannot overemphasize the importance of route selection, always choosing one of the many traffic-calmed bikeways, and/or the several kilometres of protected bike lanes. We ride in a manner that makes us visible to other road users, always following traffic signals, and – when it’s needed – we take things a little slower. As a result, our family has cycled thousands of kilometres throughout this city without a single collision or injury, and riding a bike has become an unremarkable part of our everyday routine.

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