From Business in Vancouver:

Cities with better transit have fewer traffic fatalities: study

Vancouver has about one-tenth the traffic fatalities as an automobile-dependent city like Houston, Texas

If you want to reduce your risk of dying in a car accident, then you should live in a city with lots of public transit and high transit ridership.

That’s the conclusion of Todd Litman, an urban planner who specializes in transit and is the executive director of the Victoria Transport Policy Institute. He recently published his findings on transit and safety in the Journal of Public Transportation.

“Vancouver has a much lower fatality rate than most North American cities, and you could essentially say it’s because Vancouver has committed to multi-modal transportation and smart-growth development patterns,” Litman said, referring to planning decisions to boost the number of pedestrian, bike and transit trips and build higher-density residential buildings near transit.

“Vancouver has about a tenth of the traffic fatality rate as in automobile dependent cities.”




Cities that have increased transit have higher ridership, and also fewer traffic fatalities. Source: A New Transit Safety Narrative by Todd Litman