The next City Conversations, presented by SFU Public Square: 

Condo Tower, Social Housing, Public Consultation, Court Ruling …


Enough controversy? This project seems to be a magnet. Over a year ago, we asked about its condo tower, “When is Big Too Big?”  Now, construction of a new downtown building for social housing and new rental units has been stopped by a court ruling that criticized Vancouver’s public consultation process. Also iced: the 36-story condo tower across the street.

Did the developer negotiate too sweet a deal? Was the public misled? Will all public consultation have to be revised? With a big empty hole in the ground, are more lawsuits going to fly? What’s the impact on current residents of Jubilee House, who were looking forward to moving to new social housing across the street?

A lot is in flux, but we want to examine as many of these issues as possible. Joining us is Jon Green, President of the plaintiff Community Association of New Yaletown. We also hope to host Nathalie Baker, the plaintiff’s attorney. We’ve invited representatives from Brenhill Developers, the City of Vancouver, and Jubilee House.

Then it’s your turn to join the conversation, to question, observe, offer your opinions. Please feel free to bring your lunch.


When: Thursday, February 5, 2015

Time: 12:30 – 1:30pm

Location: Room 1600 at SFU Harbour Centre

Cost: Free