From the Vancouver Sun:

The number of drivers taking the tolled Port Mann Bridge steadily declined last year, as the Crown corporation’s debt continues to swell to a projected $3.61 billion this year.
That’s almost half the capital costs of all the projects proposed by the Mayors – everything from a Broadway subway to a new Pattullo Bridge.
Not to worry. “Government insists it will pick up this year”
Considering traffic volumes, economic and population factors, including a million people coming to the region in the next twenty years, TI Corp. estimates long-term traffic growth on the Port Mann Bridge will grow at a rate of approximately 2.5 per year. It’s also counting on drivers tiring of long commutes to take alternate bridges, and coming back to the Port Mann.
However …
The corporation has said it won’t increase tolls beyond the rate of inflation, and no more than two per cent, but NDP MLA Trevena said she doesn’t believe it can pay down the debt unless there is a spike in traffic, or it raises tolls.
I wondered if in the comments to the story, Sun readers would be indicting TI Corp and the provincial government for their incompetence and mismanagement, calling for accountability, if not resignations.  Imagine my complete lack of surprise to find nothing of the sort; that’s reserved for transit agencies.  TI Corp will likely go on to finance the Massey Bridge.
BTW, do you know who was leading ‘grass-roots’ promotion for the Port Mann Bridge?   It was Get Moving BC , putting out releases like “Get Moving BC renews call to accelerate Port Mann Twinning.”
And who was behind Get Moving BC?
This chap:
 Langley City Councillor Jordan Bateman, 2008