If Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo can follow though. From CityLab:

  • No diesel fuel at all will be burnt within Paris.
  • Regular cars will be banned outright from its more polluted roads, which will be open solely to electric and hybrid vehicles.
  • The city’s most central districts (the first four arrondissements) will be barred to all but residents’ vehicles, deliveries, and emergency services, transforming Paris’ Right Bank core into a semi-pedestrian zone.
  • As a counterbalance, the number of cycle lanes will be doubled by 2020, while the city will fund an extended electric bikeshare scheme to encourage more people to get on two wheels.

“I want us to be exemplary” Mayor Hidalgo has declared. She seems to be putting money where her mouth is.

UPDATE: Ken Ohrn provides a more detailed update from Melbourne’s The Age.


As the great world cities move dramatically away from Motordom, what will be the statement to the world, and to ourselves, if Vancouver votes against the referendum?  ‘We do not want to be exemplary!’ Vancouver isn’t worth it.’  PT.