Ken links to a piece he thinks worth reading from Average Joe: No Lack of Parking on Hornby Street – So Why are Businesses Complaining? 

Writer Jeff Lee quoted angry business-owners on Hornby. Mike Brascia of Brascia’s Tailors (at 580 Hornby St) was most vocal of all, complaining that his business was negatively impacted by loss of parking spaces – “Of course I have seen my business decline. Customers can’t park out front.”


That seems like a pretty strange thing to say. Below is Brascia’s Tailors (shop with blue sign on the right). As you can see, it is right next door to a major parking garage (note the empty spots).

I kept an eye on it for a few days. There is parking available there all day, every day. And you can park for a mere $5 per hour – exactly the same price as it would be to park on the street and feed the meter.


… I may just be expecting too much, but surely the journalist should have noticed the giant parking garage and asked Brascia how he could possibly be complaining about lack of parking? After all, the photographer could have reached out his left arm and almost touched the parking garage!