This one from Monocle (by way of the New York Times): What Is the World’s Most Livable City? 

Copenhagen is the world’s most livable city, according to a collaboration between Monocle magazine and the organization Cities for People. The city took the top spot in an annual  list of the world’s 25 most livable cities for the second year in a row.

Monocle took a close look at the Danish capital, as well as the top-ranked cities in Asia (Tokyo) and North America (Vancouver), in the video below:


Overall, Vancouver was 15th on the list.


Ken Ohrn also links to this item: Two Danish women visit Canada, are unimpressed.

… our overwhelming memory of Canada is one of cars, traffic, parking and the related obesity and unfulfilled communities. It is an impression that we have since shared with other tourists who have visited Canada. …

As humans trying to enjoy Canada’s major cities (Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and Halifax) we were treated like second class citizens compared to cars. The air was dirty, and the constant noise from horns and engines was unpleasant.  …

We heard that the mayor of Toronto, Rob Ford, is actually tearing up bicycle lanes to make way for more cars!