The Buzzer Blog has been doing a series on #WhatsTheLink – what TransLink is responsible for in the region.  (They’ve been trying for years to emphasize that they are not just a transit agency.)

Here’s the summary graphic:



Roads, as you see, have been put on top.

But notice: 418,000 passengers a day on transit.  And 107,000 bike trips a day – one cycle trip for every four on transit.

Frankly, wow.  Would not have thought it that high.

Transit advocates emphasize the consequences to car drivers if everyone on a bus started taking up their equivalent space on the road.  You’ve seen the illustration:




So the argument applies – to some degree – if the transit system had to accommodate those on bikes.

The question, of course, is to what degree?  A comment from Jimmy MacGregor (new to PT?) with respect to bikeshare makes the point:

I don’t understand how bikesharing is a viable substitute for or complement to public transit in a city that rains six months a year. …  Long term, I fail to see how they would do anything to solve congestion.

Most of us fail to see how anything solves congestion if roads are treated as a free good – but at least the alternatives take some of the pressure off and provide a choice.  The truism here is that this applies to every aspect of the transportation system: Every mode depends on the others to avoid the consequences of its overuse.