Better than SkyTrain’s, I’m guessing.

Is the near-30 year-old showing its age?  As a reminder of its cutting-edge technology, reporter Jon Woodward passed along this documentary from 1985:

Going to Town is a 30 minute 1985 documentary by JEM Productions for B.C. Transit, capturing the genesis of the SkyTrain project and its construction. Featuring James “Quick” Parker of the B.C. Lions and a killer sax-filled soundtrack! (The solo is at 26:45.)


A few thoughts:

  • The more reliable the technology, the less tolerance we have for its failure.
  • We hold transit to a different standard than car-based transportation.  Radio stations, every weekday from 4 to 7 pm, will report all the failures on roads throughout Metro.  A fan-belt breaking on a bridge or tunnel can result in delays for thousands – and that’s just a typical day.
  • I thought it might be faster to take a taxi this morning than transit.  After waiting without notice for 30 minutes for the taxi to show, I gave up.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a door to break open – and it only affected me.  I will, however, take taxis again.
  • The only thing that will restore trust is continued reliable performance of the SkyTrain system.  But for the confidence of the public, a review is in order by a trusted third party: to explain what happened, to suggest improvements in response, and, most importantly, to project what will be needed to maintain a high level of performance as the transit system ages and is subject to ever-increasing demand.

Any other thoughts, readers?