From Michael Kluckner:

An issue I and many other have been involved with for a year or so, involving a dispute between some cottagers, Port Moody and Belcarra on one side and Metro Vancouver Regional Parks on the other.

A Pending Act of Cultural Vandalism by Metro Vancouver Parks.

Metro Vancouver Regional Parks appears determined to remove the last examples of waterfront summer cottages in the immediate Vancouver area, against the wishes of the City of Port Moody, which has them in its heritage inventory, and support from the Village of Belcarra, on whose land the northernmost of the cottages sits. Cottagers have had leases there since the 1970s-era expropriation of the land from a private owner for a park, which has since developed into Belcarra Regional Park.




The cottagers have coexisted happily until now, paying taxes and even providing their own water supply, but have received eviction notices for the end of June. They act as unpaid caretakers and stewards of a piece of mature forest; their proposal of a management and tenancy agreement has so far been ignored. The cottages date from the 1920s and 1930s, a time when access to the Belcarra area was only possible by boat from Vancouver or Deep Cove.

Is there an example of privately owned cabins co-existing with public use in a park? Yes, the Hollyburn Ridge Cabins in West Vancouver.

Further information and a narrative of recent events is available here.