Tired of talking about the Idaho Stop? Well then, there’s this:


From Vox:

… biking, it turns out, isn’t an especially dangerous form of transportation in terms of head trauma. And the benefits of helmets may be overstated. While they do protect your head during accidents, there’s some evidence that helmets make it more likely you’ll get in an accident in the first place. …



A recent study of 66,716 Canadian cyclists under the age of 18 looked at head injury rates in provinces with mandatory helmet laws and compared them to provinces without. The result? Head injury rates have fallen in both over the last 20 years.

Head-injury rates did drop slightly more in the helmet-law provinces, but the researchers’ model found that the difference could be entirely explained by unrelated factors — things like bike lanes and other improvements to the cycling infrastructure, along with bicycle safety campaigns.

Head injury rates in provinces with mandatory helmet laws (left) and without (right)

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Lots more here, including “It’s possible that wearing a helmet could make accidents more likely …”