From Michael Alexander:

From The Globe and Mail, March 1, on Rudy Nielsen, “BC’s biggest property owner” and owner of Landcor, “one of British Columbia’s leading real estate evaluators and appraisers.”

Anyone who keeps up on real estate will know his company’s name. Landcor Data Corp. regularly makes the business and real estate pages for its comprehensive reports on all things to do with B.C. property. And we are a province that is obsessed with property – what it’s worth, what it will be worth, and who’s buying it.

In B.C., the impact of property development, in terms of gross domestic product, is around $8.2 billion, followed by the natural gas industry at $7.8-billion, and tourism at $7.4-billion. The film and television industry is way down the list at around $1.4-billion, according to figures supplied by the Urban Development Institute last year.

So what’s the message of one of Landcor’s most recent reports?

A key player in the future of Lower Mainland real estate will be rapid transit, and where it’s located, he says. Landcor recently figured out a calculation to determine the “sweet spot” around a rapid transit station where property values start to rise. It’s part of larger report on transit, and it’s only one of many the company churns out.

From Price Tags:

Well, that kind of depends, doesn’t it, on what happens in the next few months regarding you know what.

It’s boggling: the Province is fully committed to supporting expansion of the natural-gas industry, removing impediments in its way, while at the same putting a much more critical industry at risk.