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French Quarter Parklet: Kickstarting the project

January 7, 2014

Or should that be le parkette?  (Are parklets masculine?)

A community parklet for Main Street at 21st Ave is headed toward fabrication.



To Kickstart extra features, hosting business Chocolaterie de la Nouvelle France is raising funds by January 10, 2014.  Details here (with video).

The project will help add a bike bar and community art wall with local artists commissioned to enhance the parklet. While bicycle ridership on Main Street continues to grow, parklet designers at PWL Partnership Landscape Architects are collaborating with Vancouver Cycle Chic and a local bicycle shop to perfect the ride-up bike bar design.

As tokens of appreciation for contributions, donation rewards include custom chocolates, supporter names on the art wall, a Chocolate 101 and Tasting Class, and petit parklet models (3D prints) which will be based on the final design for construction.

To support the parket with the first bike bar in North America (they say), go here.


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  1. Ron S permalink
    January 7, 2014 11:54 am

    Where can we sign up to donate towards having that cheesy mural painted over?

  2. Agustin permalink
    January 7, 2014 1:04 pm

    “Or should that be le parkette? (Are parklets masculine?)”

    Parc is masculine, but I don’t know about the diminutive. (Parquet refers to hardwood flooring, but its historical meaning seems to refer to a portion of a park. I haven’t found any references to parquette. Parquet would be masculine; parquette would be feminine.)

    Parkette is an English word (using a French diminutive suffix), synonymous to pocket park, which is not the same as a parklet, according to Wikipedia. The French term for a pocket park appears to be parc de poche.

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