Between Shanghai and Chicago:

Vancouver delivers on nature’s eye-candy – visit, and you’ll never be too far from  spectacular mountain vistas, rambling evergreen parks and protected sandy  beaches. You’ll appreciate the big-city-look/small-town-vibe the moment you  arrive at the airport.

Situated neatly on the Burrard Peninsula, a hotchpotch of  office towers and hastily planned condos compete for the best of some of the  world’s most expensive views, earning the nickname ‘City of Glass’. People live  here because they love to run, bike, swim, ski and play. Boredom is not  permitted here.

If you simply can’t take any more of how good it gets, or it  won’t stop raining, or you’ve run outta cash, head for the hills: Cypress,  Seymour and Grouse Mountains and the world-famous Whistler (ski) and Blackcomb  (snowboard) areas are within easy reach.

All of ’em here.  No. 1 is Paris.  But No. 2 might surprise you.

Thanks to Bryan DeLeo.