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Annals of Cycling – 109: Pucher webinar … Bike baiting … Clever ad

August 28, 2013




John Pucher recently gave a webinar for ITE and Active Living Research: “How to Increase Cycling for Daily Travel: Lessons from Cities Around the Globe.” It summarizes a research project he did with Jennifer Dill, Susan Handy and Ralph Buehler.

The slides are full of great photos (including a wide range of bike facilities from around North America and the world) and valuable statistics you might be able to use when asked to make the case for bicycling. In particular, it makes a very strong case, backed up by lots of numbers, for the much greater popularity and safety of physically protected bike lanes such as on-street cycle tracks and widely buffered bike lanes.

The PDF of the webinar talk is freely available to all here.




So typical: middle-aged male … could be a sports jock … full of animosity … says dumb things … unfortunately not unique to Chicago.


Full story here in Chicago Streetsblog.




A clever ad for reconciliation and respect.  From The Drum:

What a superb idea: treat cyclists as you treat horses on the road. It’s simple and clear – we all know that you slow down and give horses a wide berth, so do the same to people on bikes.


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  1. Agustin permalink
    August 28, 2013 9:06 am

    Personally, I love to hear these idiots say they want to elbow 85-year-old grandmas in the chest to “teach them a lesson”. I also love it when they compare bike share programs to Nazi Germany.

    (FYI – the Pucher slides are in PDF format, not PPT. Still useful, so thanks!)

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