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Campbell’s New Blog: A call for a new kind of transportation plan

March 15, 2013

Richard Campbell, that is. Best known as a cycling advocate (and current Predient of the B.C. Cycling Coalition), he’s actually a wide-ranging thinker about transportation generally. So good news that he’s started his own blog – here – with a current piece on The Massey Tunnel – Why BC Needs a Transportation Plan.


Transportation is being transformed by new realities including an aging population; mobile communications technology; the end of inexpensive energy and resources; rising health care costs due to inactivity and collisions; the need to reduce environmental impacts; and a generation of young people for whom driving is not a priority. The emergence of car and bike sharing along with mobile communications technology is changing personal mobility from a consumer product to a service.

Currently, there is no Province-wide plan integrating the various initiatives, projects, services and transportation authorities including BC Ferries, the BC Transit Plan, the Cascades High-Speed Rail, the Gateway Program, the Island Corridor, BC Transit and TransLink.

Projects and systems are being planned in isolation without consideration of the long-term provincial context: the Massey Tunnel, Surrey Rapid Transit, the BC Ferries Review, the Pattullo Bridge, the E & N corridor and so on. These initiatives will cost billions of dollars and there is little or no overall coordination.

In light of the new realities, British Columbia is in need of a long-term passenger transportation plan that will … integrate rail, bus, ferries, airports, land use, cycling and walking into seemless combined mobility solutions.

Full post here.

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  1. March 18, 2013 10:17 am

    Good luck and congratulations Richard!

  2. November 28, 2013 12:24 am

    Northwest Neighborhood Action of Badger, Minn., has set up a temporary place of work at Karlstad City Corridor to aid fire victims.

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