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Assorted Quotes for March 4

March 4, 2013

Young people simply cannot afford to run cars and that has driven up rail passengers numbers at a rate of about 6% a year at a time when we are going through major financial depressions,” adds Begg. “It is quite extraordinary.”

How Beeching got it wrong about Britain’s railways

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One third of the land in Surrey – about 9,300 hectares – is devoted to the  agricultural economy, about 4,300 hectares in food production. Most of it is  protected, locked into the Agricultural Land Reserve.  “With only one per cent of the province’s agricultural land, Surrey produces  five per cent of B.C.’s agricultural output,” said Bose, vice-chair of the  Agricultural Advisory Committee to Surrey city council.

Just beyond city centre’s gleam, Surrey’s a farming powerhouse

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Young professionals and entrepreneurs are gravitating to Richmond, Virginia’s urban core not just to work and play but to live. Far fewer own cars than did the previous generation, preferring to rely for mobility upon walking, biking and mass transit. Many won’t consider living anywhere but a walkable, bikable community. …

Champe Burnley, president of the Virginia Bicycling Federation, put it another way: “If you want to recruit talent, you don’t do it by taking people to the country club and buying them a martini.”

Bicycles and Economic Development

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  1. Julio Aguilar permalink
    March 4, 2013 10:53 pm

    Thats interesting to hear about Surrey- I hope they don’t lose that!

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