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Annals of Cycling – 81

January 30, 2013

An occasional update on items from the Velo-city.




ALMERE, the Netherlands – In Holland the first electric freeway,001_logistiek-image-1153428 specially built for commuters on electric bikes and scooters will open before the end of this year.

More here.




From San Francisco:

The City is proposing $200 million worth of changes to its cycling network in  the next five years.

Building 12 new miles of bike lanes, upgrading 50 miles of existing paths and  installing more than 20,000 new racks are all part of the plan.

Biking has increased by 71 percent since 2006, and the San Francisco Municipal  Transportation Agency, which manages cycling policies in The City, is hoping to  build out its network to meet the demand.


From Montreal:

A plan to build a 143-kilometre bike and pedestrian path across the Montreal  region came a step closer to reality Wednesday when three levels of government  said they will invest the $60 million needed to create it by 2018.

Quebec, the Montreal Metropolitan Community and its 82 municipalities have  agreed to invest a total of $150 million in the path and four other projects  aimed at creating a “green and blue” network of bike and pedestrian paths to  make the region’s natural spaces and waterways more accessible to residents.

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It took canadianveggie all of a lunch hour to generate this:


Bike Rack Map Vancouver


City of Vancouver made its bike rack data public yesterday. The data is divided into four spreadsheets, which isn’t terribly useful. The only interesting tidbit is the exponential growth in bike lane installations. Vancouver now has 1468 bike racks at 1119 locations throughout the city.

In the all the years up until 2009, 676 bike racks were installed. In 2010: 52 In 2011: 197 In 2012: 543!

Two good moves: the City releasing the data, the Data Nerds making it useful.


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